WRA Resilience Experts Presenting at the 2021 Colorado Wildland Fire Conference

WRA is proud to sponsor the 2021 Colorado Wildland Fire Conference in Grand Junction, Colorado the week of  September 20–23. This year’s event will focus on  “Moving Forward in Evolving Wildfire Landscapes” and will bring together individuals and organizations with a focus on reducing community vulnerability to wildfire. 

Two WRA experts are presenting at this year’s conference:

Wednesday, September 22, 10:10-11:00 AM in Room 2

On Track toward a Triple Bottom Line “Wildfire Resilience Triangle” for Landscapes and Communities in the North Bay Counties, California  | Virginia Mahacek and Jane Rice

Thursday, September 23, 11:10-12:00 PM in Room 3

GIS and Spatial Analysis for Assessing Post Wildfire Impacts and Damage Cost Estimates | Peter Kobylarz

For more information about the conference and program, please visit the conference website.