WRA Spotlight: Stormwater Experts

WRA’s multidisciplinary team includes a diverse range of talented professionals including individuals with environmental, restoration, and landscape architecture backgrounds that focus on green infrastructure and stormwater design and management. Our team includes individuals certified in stormwater design and permit compliance during construction including the following:

  • Construction General Permit Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP)
  • Construction General Permit Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD)
  • Certified Erosion, Sediment and Storm Water Inspector (CESSWI)
  • Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC)

These certifications are earned through training and exams held by the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA), a professional association dedicated to the advancement of stormwater quality management.

Meet the Experts


Megan Stromberg

Megan Stromberg is a certified Landscape Architect and QSD. She received a Master of Landscape Architecture and BS in Wildlands Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle. Megan works with clients to design low impact development stormwater management plans for their homes and businesses, schematic plans and construction documents for sustainable urban landscapes, parks, and educational gardens. She specializes in site design and construction methods that maximize biological diversity and habitat for sensitive species. As a designer, Megan is passionate about her vocation and is committed to providing design solutions that are beneficial to people and the environment.

Learn more about Megan’s experience here.


David Zwick

David Zwick is a certified QSD and QSP. He earned his BS in Ecological Restoration from Humboldt State University. David has experience with both public and private sector clients throughout California and western U.S. His experience includes restoration design, BMP design, stream bank management, storm water inspection, biotechnical restoration, water sampling, and SWPPP document development. David’s varied experience throughout the state includes design, building, and installation of biotechnical restoration structures, erosion control, vegetation mapping, biological resource assessments, soil classification, wetland delineation and soil analysis, and biological surveys.

Learn more about David’s experience here.

Philosophy & Services

WRA’s collaborative process focuses on creating beautiful, yet sustainable landscapes and support systems. Stormwater facilities including green infrastructure such as bioretention facilities, tree well filters, and bioswales are designed to enhance natural habitat while incorporating water and soil conservation, California native plants, and the latest techniques in erosion control.

stormwater collage4 Notable projects include CASQA award-winning Santa Susana Biofilter project, Avena Bella Residential Development, Pacific Commons Stormwater Treatment Wetland, and the Hidden Hills Residential Development.

WRA’s QSPs are also well-versed in providing SWPPP compliance services on the ground.  We work with contractors to ensure the proper BMPs are installed correctly.  Our experienced staff has overseen SWPPP implementation to protect contractors and land owners and make sure projects stay in compliance rain or shine.  In addition, our experts are cross-trained to provide SWPPP oversite as well as biological monitoring services if needed, to keep monitoring costs in check.