WRA Fisheries Expert to Present at American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

The Western Division of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting is being held this year in Reno, Nevada.   The theme of the 41st annual meeting hosted by the California-Nevada Chapter is: Fisheries, Society, and the Scientific Method – Challenging Our Perception of Science, Policy, and Management.  The conference focus will be on using the scientific method to find answers to increasingly complex questions faced by professionals in the different scientific disciplines that make up fisheries and all the associated fields. Click here to view the conference page.

Daniel Chase, WRA fisheries biologist will be giving a talk on “Growth, condition, and physiological response of juvenile Tidewater Goby to interspecific competition”  as part of the symposium Tidewater Goby Conservation: Biology, Metapopulations and Management of an Endangered Estuarine FishDan’s talk will focus on his previous research conducted at San Francisco State University that has been covered by several publications.  Transactions of the American Fisheries Society in their January edition Volume 145, Issue 1, 2016  featured Dan’s work in an article titled: Effect of Species Assemblage on Juvenile Growth and Condition in Three California Estuarine Fishes.  More of Dan’s work will be released in the next few months by Conservation Physiology, an online open source journal.

The conference runs March 21-24 and Dan will be presenting Thursday, March 24 at 11:20 am as part of Symposium #15 as listed in the complete program.