WRA Wildlife Experts to Present at 2020 California and Nevada Amphibian Populations Task Force Meeting

Two wildlife experts from WRA will present research at the 2020 California and Nevada Amphibian Populations Task Force Meeting in San Diego, CA on January 9-10.

WRA Senior Wildlife Biologist, Rob Schell, will present his paper: Environmental DNA (eDNA) Sampling as a Method to Detect Rare or Elusive Aquatic Herpetofauna: Two Case Studies. In this presentation, he will introduce eDNA and associated sampling methods, and provide applications for its use, along with benefits and caveats of this method. 

Rob will be joined at the meeting by Wildlife Biologist, Chris Evelyn, who will be presenting a paper titled: Slender Salamanders Are Not All the Same: Ecological and Morphological Evolution in Batrachoseps. In his presentation, Chris will report results from testing hypotheses to explain species range size disparity for all 22 described species of Batrachoseps. His analyses will be considered from an evolutionary perspective, taking phylogenetic relationships into account.

The Task Force seeks to understand and reverse amphibian population declines in California and Nevada, and to provide for the continued existence of both declining and non-declining species. A prime objective of the group is to facilitate communication among individuals who conduct scientific investigations, manage natural resources, or influence conservation policy.

Click here for more information about this year’s meeting. For those attending, be sure to say hello to Rob, Chris and Brian Freiermuth if you see them!