WRA’s GIS Analysis Featured in Latest BayGeo Journal

WRA’s GIS work is featured in the latest BayGeo Journal in an article titled “Sea Level Rise and Resilient Design in Tidal Marsh Restoration Projects”. In the Fall edition of this biannual publication for San Francisco Bay Area geospatial community, the article details how innovative GIS analysis can support resilient design for restoration projects that need to anticipate and accommodate affects of climate change, such as sea level rise.

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Our GIS experts use the Breuner Marsh Restoration and Public Access project as a case study in the article. This project was recently recognized as an outstanding environmental project at 2015 State of the Estuary Conference restored and enhanced 40 acres of tidal and seasonal wetlands, key habitats for native vegetation and wildlife. This new coastal shoreline park included the restoration of historic San Francisco Bay wetlands and constructing public access trails.

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