WRA’s New Interns Are… Terrible

With California’s latest order to “shelter in place,” WRA has transitioned to a fully remote work environment. We asked our teammates to share photos of their home-office set ups for inspiration. That’s when we started noticing some unfamiliar characters.

It appears we’ve acquired a new cohort of furry interns. And they don’t seem to be pulling their weight.

For example, many of them appear to be disengaged.

There’s a distinct lack of motivation in their work ethic.

Some even have the audacity to take naps in the office – in plain sight!

Others simply refuse to take their internship seriously.

It seems they enjoy keeping their managers off-task – by any means necessary.

Still, despite their sub-optimal business acumen, the interns do seem to be skilled at making workplace connections.

Which is better than nothing.

Will they fetch this opportunity for professional development? It’s still too early to tell.

But at this rate, it won’t be any time soon.