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Make a positive lasting impression™

Make a positive lasting impression™
Why We Exist

Cultivating a sustainable future where people and the environment thrive.

We’re an environmental consultancy that’s making a net positive impact. As a tenacious team of planners, engineers and scientists, we believe in leaving the lands we love better than we found them.

Science is at the heart of everything we do.

We love rolling up our sleeves and taking on new challenges. Whether in the field or over Zoom, we work as an integrated team to bring you creative and efficient solutions rooted in science and led by data.

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By understanding the opportunities and constraints through our expert eyes, we help projects avoid lost time and money, working towards the best possible outcome from the start.
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Design & Approvals
Managing the technical details allows us to expertly move projects through the entitlement process and into construction.
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With our oversight, consider all compliance boxes checked and design implementation to be spot on.
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Our monitoring and management helps you stay above board for the life of your project so it reaches its fullest potential.
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Get your project done faster with mitigation bank credits.

Our multi-disciplinary team delivers a complete turnkey solution – from project conception to its ultimate implementation – for prospective mitigation bankers, bank operators, bank investors, and permittees.

Culture & Careers

Our purpose starts with people.

We’ve nurtured a culture where our team can design experiences that balance their work and their life. You can feel a sense of pride about making a mark as an individual and clearly see the greater net positive impact on the communities we love.

Positive impact can manifest in many ways but there is net benefit for some aspect of the system that a project touches, whether environmental or societal. We also value the positive impacts our work has on our staff’s experience and development.

Geoff Smick
CEO, WRA, Inc.
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