Natural resources planning and permitting for transmission lines and renewable energy.

environmental consulting for energy projects

Energy development is an ongoing necessity of a growing population, and clean energy is an increasing part of our energy mix, particularly in California. Most energy projects, but especially linear projects such as transmission lines, entail impacts to the natural environment – impacts which can be a major hurdle in the permitting and implementation process. WRA provides consulting services for every step of the energy development process, and our team of professionals has worked on a range of energy projects including solar, wind, coal, and transmission lines. Our team is also experienced with mergers and acquisition and disposition projects within the energy sector.

Energy Project Planning

Our primary goal in energy project planning is to identify and plan for potential biological constraints early in the process. The best way to begin your natural resource due diligence is with a Biological Resources Assessment (BRA), or with a Desktop BRA if you have yet to identify a concrete project site. The presence of protected plant or wildlife species or sensitive habitats such as wetlands will require additional permitting and some level of mitigation for impacts. Similarly, every project requires some level of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation and review. WRA’s team of professionals can assist you with every part of the planning and permitting process, from initial site surveys and preparation of mitigation plans to preparing CEQA documentation and securing permit approvals.

Construction and Implementation

Most project impacts occur during construction, and WRA provides a number of construction-related services aimed at ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing impacts to the environment. Biological construction monitoring is often necessary if there are threatened or endangered species in the project area. WRA’s seasoned biologists are up to date on sensitive species issues throughout California and regularly provide construction monitoring services for energy development projects. A sound Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is an important part of the mitigation strategy for any construction project, and WRA’s staff can assist in both the preparation of a SWPPP for your project and ensuring that the SWPPP is properly implemented during construction. Implementation of mitigation measures or purchase of credits from a mitigation bank is often an important component of energy development projects, and our staff can assist you with both approaches to mitigation.

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