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Natural resources permitting, surveys, and mitigation and restoration.


Real estate development often entails large impacts to the environment and heavy regulation. Biological surveys and permitting are required for nearly every development project, and having the right team in place will accelerate your project timeline and reduce your capital costs by avoiding delays. WRA has extensive experience working on commercial, residential, and retail projects throughout California, from the initial planning and permitting to post-construction monitoring of mitigation areas.

Site Acquisition and Initial Stages of Development

WRA works as part of the development team to identify potential biological constraints and provide financial and design options for development projects. Our ability to identify potential environmental and regulatory issues early in the process with a Biological Resources Assessment provides clients with a clear picture of what can be accomplished with their land. Even if your property is saddled with environmental regulatory issues preventing development, we conduct a Bank Feasibility Analyses to determine the mitigation/conservation bank value of your land. In many cases conservation can be more lucrative than development.

Designing and Planning Your Project

As development projects progress to the design and planning phases, analysis of environmental impacts and permitting become pressing issues. Mitigation packages – from avoidance measures to mitigation areas or credits – entail critical planning decisions that will impact agency coordination and the outlook for your entire project. The mitigation and monitoring plans we created for projects such as Pacific Commons and Wilder are good examples of how careful planning during the design phase can aid in the development of complex projects.


Depending on your mitigation requirements, you may need a biologist present at your construction site. Our experienced construction monitors provide training and oversight to construction crews and coordinate with the agencies to ensure regulatory compliance and a smooth process for all parties involved. In addition to biological construction monitoring, WRA offers a range of other construction-related services. For any construction project, a sound Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is an important part of the mitigation strategy: our team has developed such plans for a wide range of projects across California. Tree avoidance is also often an important part of construction projects, and WRA offers certified arborist services to help you determine the best approach to conserving trees at your site.

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