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WRA is excited to return as a sponsor of the Environmental Markets Conference (EMC) April 29-May 2, 2024 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. EMC is a high value experience of connecting, learning, and networking with leading professionals engaging in private sector solutions for sustained environmental outcomes with economic and public benefit. The event focuses on connecting mitigation, conservation and restoration markets — wetlands, streams, carbon, water quality and quantity and related environmental markets — to improve resiliency and sustainability with increased investment through collaboration on resources, process and practice, technology, transparency, efficiency, and accountability.

WRA mitigation experts including Nathan Bello, Marlene Tyner-Valencourt, Andrew Cawley, and Tyler Hanson look forward to connecting with attendees involved in protecting, mitigating, and restoring our natural resource assets and related environmental markets and learning about new innovations and best practices.

In addition, don’t miss these great presentations from WRA! The full schedule is available on the conference website.

Monday 4/29 @ 4:15: WRA Principal Nathan Bello will present “A Case for Public Access on Mitigation Lands” in Session 10, Considerations for Mitigation and Restoration Projects.

Wednesday 5/1 @ 11:00: WRA Biologist Tyler Hanson will present “Changing the Way We Approach Performance Standards in the Context of Technological Advancements” in Session 28, Innovative Monitoring for Performance Standards.

ON DEMAND: WRA Senior Conservation Project Manager Marlene Tyner-Valencourt will present “Multi-jurisdictional Mitigation Bank Ledger Management: Tales from the Front Lines” as an on demand presentation available to conference attendees.

ON DEMAND: WRA Conservation Project Manager Andrew Cawley will present “Long-term Management: Best Practices and Lessons Learned” as an on demand presentation available to conference attendees.

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