Fisheries Services

Working in the aquatic environment brings a host of complex regulatory, technical, and logistical challenges and typically require a thorough and detailed analysis of potential impacts to fisheries resources.

WRA has highly qualified staff trained in an array of fisheries and aquatic ecology methodologies to help clients meet complex regulatory requirements. Implementing adaptive scientific methods, ecologically sound practices, professional experience, and rapid response to clients’ needs, WRA provides practical and cost effective solutions to your unique fisheries situation.  Our fisheries services include:


  • Fish rescue and relocation
  • Construction monitoring (pile driving, dewatering, dredging, etc.)
  • Fish exclusion
  • Environmental training

Habitat Evaluation

  • Habitat assessments and reconnaissance evaluation
  • CDFW protocol level habitat assessment
  • Large woody debris evaluation
  • Spawning substrate analysis
  • Habitat monitoring
  • Geomorphic profiles
  • Fish passage evaluation
  • Fish screen evaluation
  • Pacific herring spawning evaluation


  • Salmon redd, spawning, and carcass surveys
  • Fish sampling (netting, hook and line, gee traps, gill net, e-fishing, etc.)
  • Otter trawl sampling
  • Snorkel surveys (visual/passive)
  • BMI sampling
  • Predator control/invasive species eradication
  • Eelgrass surveys
  • Oyster surveys
  • Turbidity sampling
  • Water temperature monitoring
  • Water quality sampling (pH, DO, salinity, temperature)
  • Water chemistry sampling (for lab processing)


  • Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation (NMFS and USFWS)
  • Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) consultation (NMFS)
  • Incidental take authorization application for marine mammals (NMFS)
  • 2081 Incidental Take Permit applications (CDFW)
  • Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement permitting (CDFW)
  • 404 permitting (Corps)
  • Pacific herring waiver and consultation (CDFW)
  • Impact assessments
  • Constraints analysis
  • Species potential evaluations
  • Mitigation banking/credit sales


  • Concept design and development
  • Design drawings
  • Permit package applications
  • Pre- and post-restoration monitoring