Wildlife Species Surveys

Endangered and threatened wildlife species surveys are often mandatory elements of development projects.

Endangered species and threatened species must be surveyed and protected during project planning and construction activities.  The in depth knowledge and extensive experience of WRA’s wildlife biologists enables us to accurately and efficiently identify the presence or absence of rare species in a project area, assess habitat values, quantify population abundance and distribution, prepare impact mitigation, and secure required permits.

Notably, WRA holds USFWS 10(a)(1)(a) recovery permits for:

  • California gnatcatcher 
  • California red-legged frog
  • California tiger salamander
  • Giant garter snake
  • Ridgway’s rail
  • Salt marsh harvest mouse
  • San Francisco garter snake
  • Vernal pool branchiopods
  • Western yellow-billed cuckoo

Additional professional and technical wildlife services that we provide:

  • desert tortoise surveys and monitoring
  • least Bello’s vireo
  • arroyo toad
  • small mammal trapping and assessments
  • bat roost surveys and identification
  • faunal inventories
  • breeding bird and raptor surveys
  • burrowing owl surveys and passive exclusion
  • pollinator studies
  • Section 7 and Section 10 Biological Assessment and Consultation
  • 2081 Incidental Take Permitting
  • protocol level surveys and assessments
  • wildlife management plans
  • large mammal distribution and movement surveys
  • wildlife corridor analysis
  • biological construction training, surveys, and monitoring
  • long-term mitigation monitoring
  • design-in habitat restoration features for new construction and renovation

Aquatic habitat services include:

  • fish passage, spawning, and rearing assessments
  • vernal pool crustacean surveys
  • eelgrass surveys
  • water quality monitoring
  • Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP)