WRA Wildlife Experts Present at 2019 TWS-WS Annual Meeting

Members of WRA’s wildlife team are headed to Fish Camp, California near the border of Yosemite National Park February 4-8, 2019 to attend The Wildlife Society – Western Section Annual Meeting. This year’s gathering will explore themes of “Death And Taxas: Extinction and Speciation During the Anthropocene.”

Patricia Valcarcel will present on a range-wide habitat suitability model created for the flat-tailed horned lizard (Phrynosoma mcallii).

Katie Smith, member of the Western Section Executive Board and Student Affairs Committee Chair, will be coordinating several networking and professional development activities for students, early career professionals, and professionals. These activities include an elevator speech training for students and young professionals, a facilitated mixer for 1-on-1 networking between students and professionals, and a mentor orientation for professionals to volunteer performing outreach to students throughout the year.  Katie will also co-present a poster about a case study in post-wildfire survival and recovery for the salt marsh harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys raviventris), and present an oral presentation entitled Demography of the salt marsh harvest mice and associated rodents in tidal and managed wetlands.  Katie’s oral presentation will showcase the first ever sophisticated estimates of demographic parameters and populations of salt marsh harvest mice from a long-term mark-recapture study, a result of the five years of trapping she coordinated while completing her PhD.

More information provided in the program abstracts summary here.