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Mount Veeder Post-Fire Restoration

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WRA Landscape Restoration was hired by the California Land Stewardship Institute to plant native redwood trees on Mount Veeder along the Napa Ridge to support a post-fire recovery effort. The crew used browsing cages to increase the saplings’ survival rate, as well as willow sprigs to aid in riparian bank stabilization. Post-fire sites are prone to erosion and packed with nutrient-rich ash which can pollute waterways and the greater watershed downstream. When vegetation is burned off and streams are exposed to sunlight and nutrients, eutrophication and toxic algae blooms can occur. Using living willow sprigs along the bank creates a fast-growing native shade cover for the stream. Reforesting the site creates vital habitat on land, and preventing erosion ensures that aquatic habitats are protected as well. This is a great example of WRA’s holistic approach to post-fire restoration.

Project Specifics


This project was completed in 2022.

Detailed Services

Native planting/reforestation
Post-fire recovery habitat maintenance
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