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Mendocino County Cannabis Cultivation Permits

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WRA was retained by a local planning firm, CS Consultants, to support biological and CEQA services to individual landowners and growers that need to apply for a Cannabis Cultivation Permit as required by Mendocino County.


WRA conducted and managed more than 50 projects for in Mendocino County who are preparing their cannabis cultivation permit applications to grow and operate cannibis farms. Each project required a biological resource assessment, CEQA compliance, and Sensitive Species Habitat Review to obtain a permit. A WRA biologist conducted field studies to determine potential for special-status plants and wildlife as well as wetland buffer quality.

WRA’s environmental planning team prepared compliance checklists required per the 15168 CEQA Guidelines. WRA works closely and iteratively with each client to produce CEQA checklists that are error-free, legally defensible, and accurate. Results were presented in a report which is then provided to the County as part of the required permit package.


Cannabis has been a part of life in Mendocino for decades but new regulations for land use for commercial cultivation are bringing significant transition to local growing communities. WRA’s contributions help to ensure there is a balance between economic growth, environmental health, and sustainable land use for the future of the community.


Project Specifics


WRA's services concluded in 2022.

Detailed Services

Biological resource assessment
CEQA compliance
Sensitive species habitat review
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