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City of Livermore Stream Maintenance Program

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WRA provided mitigation planning and design services and  permit compliance and monitoring during construction activities for the City of Livermore’s Stream Maintenance Program (SMP) from 2016-2021.

WRA worked with the prime consultant, Schaaf & Wheeler, the Zone 7 Water Agency, Alameda County Resource Conservation District, the City of Livermore, and regulatory agencies to determine the best location and design for potential wetland, channel, and riparian mitigation areas in support of the SMP.

WRA prepared conceptual plans for three different mitigation sites in 2018, including planting and irrigation plans. WRA also provided construction administration support services to the City  during construction of the three mitigation sites to ensure the contract documents were executed accurately. WRA prepared a master mitigation plan for the City  to highlight both potential and existing mitigation sites along creeks and waterways within the city limits. In addition, WRA works with the prime consultant on designing vegetation components in bank stabilization plans and continues to work with the project team on mitigation planning and design efforts.

WRA provided environmental compliance monitoring (including preconstruction surveys, environmental awareness training, biological monitoring during construction, and water quality monitoring) as part of the City’s construction of SMP projects.


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