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Port of San Francisco Seawall Program

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The Port of San Francisco is undertaking an effort to rehabilitate a three-mile-long section of the San Francisco Seawall, with a focus on public safety and resiliency in connection with earthquake and sea level rise vulnerability. The seawall supports critical disaster response infrastructure, provides transportation for more than a half-million people every day, and helps support billions of dollars of commerce in the City each year. The aging seawall is at serious risk of failure during an earthquake, putting at risk critical disaster response infrastructure and historic structures along the waterfront. The seawall is also the City’s first line of defense against sea level rise, and is vulnerable to future elevated sea levels, exposing critical transportation infrastructure, such as the BART and MUNI tunnels to flooding.

WRA is part of a team led by Jacobs responsible for evaluation of ecological risks along the waterfront arising from potential earthquake and sea-level rise vulnerability, as well as identifying potential opportunities for habitat enhancement as part of the projects that are identified by the program.

WRA contributed to a Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment for the program, completed an Ecological Opportunities Report, has developed a Regulatory Permitting Roadmap and is supporting the Port’s Regulatory Agency Working Group in evaluating potential regulatory compliance pathways for projects identified by the program.


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