Planning and permitting for water supply and wastewater projects throughout California.

Water is a basic ingredient for life — one of our most important natural resources — and essential for everything from food production to electricity generation. Increasing water demands for homes, industries, agriculture, and fisheries are confronted with constrained supplies from existing natural rivers, man-made reservoirs, and underground aquifers. Global climate change and more unpredictable and shifting weather patterns, local and regional droughts, and flooding events put additional pressure on existing aquatic habitats, supply infrastructure, water treatment facilities and flood control systems. Federal, state, and local government as well as private industry groups are working to respond to this continually changing set of challenges.

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WRA has in depth experience helping these entities with challenges related to the management of water resources.  We assist our clients with a full array of services including: environmental permitting and compliance support; stormwater design and management; aquatic ecosystem and water quality monitoring; ecosystem restoration planning, design, and implementation; and construction monitoring planning and implementation.