Callippe Preserve Golf Course

Endangered Species Habitat Preservation, Mitigation and Monitoring for an Ecologically-Responsible Golf Course in Alameda County.


  • Obtain necessary resource agency permits for construction of an 18-hole municipal golf course
  • Identify and conserve habitat for threatened and endangered wildlife species
  • Develop a balanced approach between avoidance and mitigation of sensitive habitats on-site to satisfy city and regulatory agency priorities


Project Description

Starting in 1999, WRA began working with the City of Pleasanton to develop a 346-acre golf course and nature preserve located in the foothills above the Amador Valley.  The site contains over five miles of streams, as well as habitat for the federally endangered Callippe silverspot butterfly and California tiger salamander and federally threatened California red-legged frog.

WRA worked with the City to design the golf course in an ecologically responsible manner and to develop mitigation and conservation strategies to minimize impacts to environmentally sensitive habitats.  WRA identified important habitat for conservation by conducting California tiger salamander and California red-legged frog surveys and identifying prime habitat for the Callippe silverspot butterfly.  Identifying these areas allowed developers avoid and conserve these important habitats.


Riparian monitoring at the Callippe Preserve

WRA also worked with City to develop a mitigation strategy for stream and wetland impacts including creation of new stream channels, enhancement of existing stream channels, and creation of seasonal wetlands.  To help manage these areas, WRA prepared a wetland and riparian mitigation plan to outlining post-construction management and monitoring efforts on the site.

Riparian monitoring at the Callippe Preserve

Riparian monitoring at the Callippe Preserve

Following its opening in 2005, WRA conducted annual monitoring of both the mitigation and conservation areas for 10 years, ending in 2014.


  • Wetland and Stream Mitigation Plan
  • Irrigation Pond Management Plan
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications for Wetland and Riparian Mitigation
  • Construction Drawings for Stream Creation Mitigation
  • Annual Mitigation and Habitat Monitoring Report

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