Botanical Surveys

Surveys detailing plant life present on your project site are often needed to determine the possible presence, or assured absence, of protected plant species.


Botanical surveys of sensitive plant species and vegetation communities for use in project initiation and planning is a core WRA service. Our team of botanists has extensive experience conducting plant surveys according to protocols required by state and federal agencies: we prepare Biological Resources Assessments, Mitigation and Monitoring Plans, and Long-term Management Plans for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife in compliance with State and Federal Endangered Species Acts. Notably, we have also worked in a variety of protected habitats across California including native needlegrass grassland, riparian, oak woodland, coastal scrub, tidal marsh, and more.

Whether a project requires a baseline rare plant survey or analyses of potential impacts coupled with a mitigation or restoration plan for rare species or vegetation, WRA possesses the requisite knowledge and know-how.