Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems allow users to quickly and accurately assess spatial data and make informed decisions in the face of complex data sets. WRA’s dedicated GIS department lends critical support to every service we offer and supplements our field and conceptual work with real-world visual representation. Using the latest in industry software and tools, our team of GIS professionals adds significant value to every project, providing you with the relevant, crucial spatial context.

Advanced Spatial Analysis and Modeling

WRA’s GIS analyst team is deeply experienced and industry certified with Esri ArcGIS Desktop software and all of its advanced extensions and functionality. Our team can provide custom spatial analysis workflows, models, and scripting which can take project data and design to the next level. Read more here.

Online GIS Tools and Services

WRA can develop, deploy, and maintain custom online and mobile GIS tools and viewers to put project data where it belongs: in front of project stakeholders and decision makers. Online access to spatial data ensures that the project team has constant access to the most up to date data. These online tools take spatial data out of the black box of desktop GIS software and represent a huge benefit to project communication and coordination.

Read our blog post about a successful case study in developing an online interactive map.

Drone and Remote Sensing

WRA provides a full array of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) -based data collection and remote sensing analysis services. Our drone operators are FAA Part 107 certified. High-resolution aerial imagery and topographic data collected from a drone platform represent the next level of detail and flexibility in spatial data collection. Using this technology to obtain on-demand, high-resolution data of project sites allows our GIS team to use an integrative approach to conduct hyper-local site analysis and gain insights into projects which have never been seen before.