Biological Construction Monitoring

Careful biological construction monitoring is a critical component of any construction project where sensitive resources are present.

WRA provides clients in need of biological construction monitoring services with sound guidance. We ensure regulatory compliance throughout all phases of construction. Our services span the continuum from planning, pre-construction surveys, contractor training, and development of educational materials to implementation of avoidance and minimization measures, biological monitoring and documentation, and post-construction reporting. Add to that a wealth of project experience:  WRA has conducted biological monitoring for residential, commercial, and industrial sites as well as in support of municipal projects related to water supply, irrigation, sanitation, pipelines, transmission lines, roadway widening, and wind and solar power development.

We understand your time-sensitive needs and are committed to ensuring efficient service and quick turnaround. To that end, we maintain a strong rapport with contractors and field supervisors. And our wildlife biologists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle last-minute monitoring needs for emergency work or for quick species identification.

Species Expertise

WRA’s wildlife biologists have extensive experience with special-status wildlife species in California. Our staff USFWS 10(a)(1)(a) recovery permits include:

  • California red-legged frog
  • California tiger salamander
  • giant garter snake
  • Mission blue butterfly
  • Ridgway’s rail
  • salt marsh harvest mouse
  • San Bruno elfin
  • San Francisco garter snake
  • tidewater goby
  • vernal pool branchiopods
  • western yellow-billed cuckoo

In addition, we have conducted pre-construction surveys and construction monitoring for:

  • desert tortoise
  • Ridgway’s rail
  • California black rail
  • western snowy plover
  • Swainson’s hawk
  • western burrowing owl
  • salt marsh harvest mouse
  • San Joaquin kit fox
  • fish species