Marisa Ishimatsu

Construction Monitor Team Lead


Marisa Ishimatsu is Construction Monitor Team Lead at WRA, Inc. and has more than seven years of environmental consulting experience.  She has been involved with all aspects of consulting, from initial biological analysis to post-construction review.  Her specialty is biological construction monitoring as well as permit compliance documentation and reporting.

Marisa has experience surveying for Alameda whipsnake, bald and golden eagles, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, burrowing owl, California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, desert tortoise, flat-tailed horned lizard, giant garter snake, giant kangaroo rat, Mojave ground squirrel, salt marsh harvest mouse, San Francisco garter snake, San Joaquin kit fox, and Swainson’s hawk.  While a grew up in California native, Marisa is also approved as a venomous snake monitor in New Jersey and has professional experience surveying for northern pacific rattlesnake dens in Washington and midget faded rattlesnakes in northern Colorado.

Marisa is also trained on CPR/AED/First Aid, helicopter safety, all-terrain vehicle training, unexploded ordinance (UXO), paleontological and archeological artifact identification, and SWPPP.  She has also conducted trainings on rattlesnake handling and avoidance.


Country record- Pristimantis orphinolaimus, Herpetological Review 46(2): 213

Elevation note – Crotalus willardi amabilis, Herpetological Review 45 (1): 144


San Diego Gas and Electric, Sunrise Powerlink, California

Prior to WRA

Pacific Gas and Electric, Pipleine Hydrotesting, Barstow, California
Pacific Gas and Electric, Accelerated Wildfire Rapid Response, California
Pacific Gas and Electric, Fuel Reduction, California
Pacific Gas and Electric, Vegetation Management, California
United States Department of Defense, Border Road Construction, El Centro, California
Pacific Gas and Electric, Community Pipeline Safety Initiative, Firebaugh, California
Pacific Gas and Electric, Pittsburg-Tesla Reconductoring Project, Contra Costa Counties, California
California Department of Transportation, Salt Marsh Restoration Project, Bay Point, California
Terra-Gen Power, Alta Wind Energy Center, Tehachapi, California
Carrizo Plains Solar Development, San Louis Obispo County, California