Matt Richmond

Associate Principal


Matt Richmond received a B.S. in Biology from Humboldt State University where he focused on coastal ecology. Matt is the Conservation Strategies Department Head at WRA, Inc. where he oversees the entitlement and management of mitigation and conservation banks as well as single user mitigation projects and in-lieu fee programs throughout California. Matt also manages a wide diversity of projects across California with an emphasis on coastal ecology and habitat restoration in the San Francisco Bay eco-region.
In his role as Department Head, Matt works closely with WRA’s mitigation specials, biologists, planners and landscape architects/engineers on habitat restoration design and mitigation projects. His role also includes overseeing and conducting biological assessments, special status species surveys, wetland delineations, performance monitoring, market supply and demand research, feasibility studies, regulatory permitting, habitat management planning, bank approval, agency coordination, conservation easements endowment calculations and agreements, service area determinations, and bank marketing and credit sales.


Ducks Unlimited Wetland Restoration Projects, Sonoma, Contra Costa, and Sacramento Counties

North Bay Conservation and Wetland/Stream Mitigation Banks, Marin County, California

California Coastal Zone Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas, Multiple Projects, Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma, San Mateo, and Los Angeles Counties, California

Broad Beach Nourishment and Dune Restoration,Malibu, California

Southern Fort Bragg Coast Trail Master Plan, Fort Bragg, California

Glass Beach Wetland Delineation, Fort Bragg, California

California Coastal Trail, Mendocino County, California

Summers Lane Reservoir, Fort Bragg, California

Plumas National Forest Botanical Surveys, Lake Davis Area, California

Vascular and Non-Vascular Botanical Surveys, Six Rivers National Forest, Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, California

Timber Land Botanical Surveys, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, California

Sudden Oak Death Surveys, California Oak Mortality Task Force, Northern California


BS, Biology, Humboldt State University


California Native Plant Society (CNPS)

California Lichen Society

Audubon Society

Facilitation Skills for Resource Managers and Scientists, Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program. 2010

Biology of California Red-legged Frog, Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program. 2009

Vegetation Rapid Assessment Workshop, CNPS. 2008

Point Arena Mountain Beaver Survey Training, USFW. 2005

Salmonid Spawning Survey Training, The Mattole Salmon Group. 2004

Wetland Delineation and Management Training, Richard Chinn Environmental Training. 2003

Sudden Oak Death Training, USFS. 2002

Carex Workshop, CNPS, Humboldt State University. 2001