Mare Island Dry Dock Operations

Fish Salvage Operations at Former Naval Dry Dock.


Mare Island Dry Dock, LLC. (MIDD) operates two dry docks at Mare Island in Vallejo, California.  Under the authorization of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) biological opinions and a California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Incidental Take Permit, WRA conducts fish salvage operations during the dewatering phase of all dry dock evolutions at Mare Island.  This high-profile project involves collection of common and special-status fish (e.g., Chinook salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, smelt) that enter the flooded dry dock as vessels and barges are brought in for service and repair.  Because no examples of this type of fish salvage were known, WRA developed a unique approach using nets and aerated holding tanks to capture and hold fish during dewatering of the dry dock.  The methods developed by WRA have proven highly successful and have put WRA at the leading edge of fish salvage operations.

In addition to conducting on-going fish salvage at Mare Island, WRA has been involved with on-going consultation with the CDFW, NMFS, and USFWS on behalf of MIDD to further reduce impacts to fisheries resources in the area and to ensure compliance with regulatory permits.  Part of this consultation has resulted in the establishment of a series of deterrence measures which have significantly reduced the amount of fish entering the dry dock and resulted in a 75% reduction in mitigation. WRA continues to provide fish salvage and consultation services as more vessels are delivered to the dry docks.


  • Reduce impacts to common and protected fish species during dry dock operation
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory permit requirements


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