Marin County Habitat Enhancements

Fish Passage Improvement and Habitat Enhancement for Protected Fish Species in Marin County Streams.











Marin County Flood Control District (MCFCD) conducts annual channel maintenance and sediment removal to provide flood control and capacity for Marin County.  Typical work includes the mechanical removal of sediment and debris through the isolation and dewatering of target areas; generally associated with bridges, culverts, or flood prone areas.  Additionally, the MCFCD has implemented fish passage improvement and habitat enhancement for protected salmonid species.  For several years, WRA has provided fisheries support and led field efforts for MCFCD in streams of west and east Marin County; including: Easkoot Creek, Novato Creek, Old Bear Valley Creek, San Geronimo Creek, Third Valley Creek, and Warner Creek.

WRA’s project work has involved the rescue and relocation of fish prior to the start of sediment removal or habitat improvement projects, which has included protected steelhead, coho salmon, and tidewater goby.  WRA fisheries biologists have led various sized field crews that have utilized electrofishing, seine nets, dip nets, and block nets.  Preconstruction surveys and biological monitoring has also been performed for protected California red-legged frog, western pond turtle, salt marsh harvest mouse, and native birds.  Summary reports, permit compliance assistance, and agency coordination support have also been provided to MCFCD.


  • Increase and/or maintain flood capacity in various stream systems in Marin County
  • Provide habitat enhancement and fish passage improvement
  • Rescue and relocate protected and native fish species out of work areas
  • Provide environmental training, preconstruction surveys, and biological monitoring


  • Fish rescue and relocation
  • Preconstruction surveys and biological monitoring
  • Summary reporting and agency coordination