Habitat Restoration

Mitigation to reduce impacts or replace unavoidable losses associated with public and private projects commonly takes the form of habitat restoration and enhancement.

Whether you are seeking to increase the ecological value of the habitat on your project site or to meet regulatory agency requirements, establishing project mitigation objectives and designing land uses compatible with existing resources are essential parts of any habitat restoration plan — and WRA can help.

WRA has decades of experience with a wide variety of habitat enhancement techniques, management tools, and monitoring methods. Having completed over 60 successful restoration and mitigation projects that have involved the combined input of hydrologists, engineers, agency staff, and the public, our approach advocates incorporating joint client/agency direction with adaptive management strategies to allow for early and successful adjustments to habitat restoration efforts.

Habitat Expertise

WRA scientists have expertise in preparing restoration and mitigation plans for:

  • wetland habitats including tidal wetlands, freshwater marshes, vernal pools, and seasonal wetlands
  • upland habitats including oak woodlands and serpentine grasslands
  • riparian habitats