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Recology Ostrom Road Projects Environmental Impact Report

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WRA managed the Recology Ostrom Road Projects Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which included three separate projects: the Recology Green Rail Project (CUP2015-0007); a Compost Facility (CUP2015-0008); and amendments to the Conditional Use Permit (CUP2009-0001) and Solid Waste Facility Permit (SWFP) for the Ostrom Road Landfill operated by Recology Ostrom Road, Inc.

Recology Green Rail Project

The proposed improvements at the Recology Ostrom Road Rail Spur and Unloading Facility site include construction of the proposed Unloading Facility, which would be located at 5900 Ostrom Road on portions of three parcels totaling 723 acres. The proposed improvements also include construction of the proposed portion of the Rail Spur extending from the Unloading Facility westward across Recology Ostrom Road property to the existing Beale AFB Rail Spur. In order to serve the Unloading Facility site
from the southeast, a new powered Positive Train Control turnout and associated track work replacement, along with a new powered derail, would be installed to complete the UPRR Rail Wye. The Green Rail project also includes repairs and improvements to portions of the Beale AFB Rail Spur from the UPRR Rail Wye to the proposed Recology Ostrom Road Rail Spur.

Compost Facility

This project would include the construction of a proposed approximately 61-acre Compost Facility. The Compost Facility would include an 11-acre liquid treatment and storage area; a 14-acre curing and storage area; and a 36-acre active compost area. The proposed Compost Facility would be developed to process up to 2,000 tons per day (tpd) of “green material” and “food material” into compost. The Compost Facility would be developed incrementally to accommodate the amount of compostable feedstock received and processed, up to a full build out of 2,000 tpd and 61 acres. The composting process employed would be a combination of a windrow composting process, similar to the process at the current Feather River Organics facility in Marysville.

Ostrom Road Landfill Amendments to the CUP and SWFP

This project proposes amendments to the Recology Ostrom Road Landfill CUP No. 92-06 (as amended) and revisions to the related SWFP No. 58-AA-0011, to clarify that: 1) the existing tonnage and truck limits (3,000 tpd and 170 trucks per day, respectively) in the permits apply only to waste disposed of in the Landfill; and 2) the tonnage of materials brought to the Landfill for daily cover, ADC, soil amendments, road-bed or other BRM – and the trucks used to transport that BRM do not count against those limits.

The EIR addressed each project separately, as well as a joint analysis of all three projects combined. Several environmental impact topics were excluded from detailed analysis in the EIR based on the 2015 decision by the California Supreme Court in the case of the California Building Industry Association v. Bay Area Air Quality Management District (CBIA vs. BAAQMD), “agencies subject to CEQA generally are not required to analyze the impact of existing environmental conditions on a project’s future users or residents.” The EIR was unanimously certified by the Yuba County Planning Commission.


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The EIR was unanimously certified by the Yuba County Planning Commission.

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