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ZEISS Innovation Center

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The new ZEISS Innovation Center in Dublin, California serves as the U.S. headquarters for ZEISS Medical Technology, one of the world’s leading medical technology businesses focused on ophthalmic diseases. The project included research and development space, offices, parking, and associated infrastructure.



WRA is the project biological consultant responsible for CEQA-level biological surveys, environmental permitting, and mitigation planning for the project. WRA conducted a wetland delineation and botanical surveys at the site to support project planning. Since wetlands and rare plants were present, WRA worked closely with the design team to develop a project footprint that avoided the most sensitive habitats while accomplishing project objectives. This included incorporating the largest, preserved wetland on the property into the project’s treated stormwater system and making it the focal point of the property with a trail and picnic area. Since other wetlands were impacted, environmental permitting and compensatory mitigation was necessary. WRA led the permitting process with the U.S. Corps of Engineers, Regional Water Quality Control Board, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


WRA also brokered a mitigation deal that met the permitting needs while preserving a very sensitive habitat in the adjacent city of Livermore. WRA oversaw the wetland mitigation restoration project and is currently supporting long-term monitoring of the established mitigation preserve. The entire project permitting and mitigation property selection and design process was completed within one year, an exceptionally rapid pace considering the complexity of the project and impacts.


Project Specifics


WRA services were completed in 2018.

Detailed Services

Biological Resources Assessment
Wetland delineation
Regulatory permits
Wetland restoration plan
Long-term management plan
Conservation easement for the mitigation site
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